On The Blerdar: Author Malachi Bailey Releases ‘Her’

November 6, 2019

We here at BlackSci-Fi.com were recently given a heads up about a new sci-fi novel by author Malachi Bailey. In our continuing goal of spreading the word about prose works which align with the focus of BlackSci-Fi.com, we wanted to shine a light on Bailey’s new work.

Titled Her, the book is a modern sci-fi thriller and is Bailey’s debut novel. From the official synopsis, “A mysterious woman is found on the brink of death off the Gold Coast of Australia by Cyrus Dhandi, a fisherman with secrets of his own.With no recollection of her prior memories, she is enigmatic as she is beautiful. However, both are suddenly thrown together into a chaotic world where their lives are in peril! Threats, supernatural and deadly, attack at every turn. Can the two ill-matched strangers overcome their constant bickering before an ancient evil claims her once and for all?”

Head here for more information about the novel.

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