On the Blerdar: Time Travel Drama’Fatherless’ Premieres on Amazon Prime

December 14, 2020

Chad Eric Smith is a name that you should be familiar with if you’re a long-time reader of BlackSci-Fi.com. We’ve featured the filmmaker’s work on the page, with a review of his black psychological time travel love story Rumination, and we’ve also reported on that same work being streamed on the worldwide streaming provider, kweliTV.

Smith is back again with a melding of science fiction and this time family drama with Fatherless, written & directed by William M. Crouch. Smith is the co-producer and star of the film. From the film’s synopsis, “Fatherless is the story of a young physicist with a troubled past who seeks to develop time travel in an attempt to fix his childhood. As he discovers his theory may be more practical than he originally expected, he must choose between repairing his own life and fixing the lives of others.”

You can watch it now on Amazon Prime. Head here for more details. Check out a trailer for the film, and a character featurette below.

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