Review: Nightstalker

Written by Judith Swanson

June 17, 2020

Creator & Writer: Orlando Harding

Artist: David R Miller, Jr

Inker: Vic Moya

Letterer: Kel Nuttall

Colorists: Paul Little, Steve Cobb

Publisher: 1 First Comics, INC

Rating: MA

When a demon and cherub have different duties to perform, is there truly a way for them to form a friendship? Nightstalker is here to show you the answer. Within the darkly illustrated images that demand your attention, it’s definitely hard to put this book down. You find yourself questioning exactly who and what you are rooting for. The demon or the cherub?

Orlando Harding, the creator and writer of this graphic novel, knows how to captivate his audience into actually feeling for his characters and their ongoing situations. He breaks the lines with their interaction, as you feel their struggles as well as their sense of duty. This leaves you with the question to whom do they hold their allegiance? It is quite evident that Harding has honed his skills to create this epic series. As he continues to develop his skills it will be a treat for us – the reader.

Harding has also put together a wonderful comic artistic group to assist in illustrating his story. It is almost as if they were able to read his mind and create a wonderful visual representation for this story. The art team used their skills to keep you the reader engaged within this tale.

As a personal read, this is a must if you are into great comic books. The use of the unique comic format to convey this tale, as well as the addition of the combination of solid writing skills and artistic expression, knocks this particular story out of the park. There is a clear-cut explanation as this story is told, yet one can’t keep themselves from coming up with more questions that require answers. For sure this series will be epic by its own right and is worth the time and money.


Judith Joachim-Swanson is an aspiring writer. She is an independent, freelance blogger, and you can find her other work here. She is also a self-published indie writer of Cigarette (The Catcher Series Book 1) which incorporate a steampunk Sci-fi theme.

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