Review-Niobe: She is Death #3

Written by Amber T. Hubbard

May 5, 2020

Writer: Sebastian A. Jones

Artists: Darrell May/ Sheldon Mitchell

Colorist: Sheldon Mitchell

Letterer: Joshua Cozine

Editor: Joshua Conzine

Publisher: Stranger Comics

Rating: 9+

Minor Spoilers

With a series that is taking off like wildfire, Sebastian A. Jones does not disappoint with his latest issue of Niobe: She is Death. The latest issue continues to naturally follow through with the story of its main character, Niobe.

Each issue is set with a personal note by the author that leads to the next upcoming issue. This is a comic that you can pick up at any point in the series and still be engaged and understanding of what is happening and where it is going, which to me is definitely a sign of a good story that is well written.

Niobe is some kind of halfbreed and it is prophesied that she will save the world. She is an unsuspecting and unlikely hero. She was an orphan due to what is believed to be the death of her parents which was outlined in this issue. Her origin and past has been vague throughout the storyline, so it is good to get another peak into where she has come from. The story focuses on the duality within Niobe, due to the blood that runs through her veins. It seems that she has the power to save lives and destroy them and that choice lies with her.

As the story progresses in this issue, it is clear that she has a calling and has saved many lives. Her followers believe in her, while her enemies want to see her dead. She is highly sought after by those that wish to stop her prophecy from unfolding. One such character who feels like the main villain of this issue, is Skarlok Two Hearts. He seems to be some dark shell of a man who wants to confirm if she is the one he seeks, by testing her heart.

 This issue has a lot of reflection on Niobe’s past that we know is very vital to her future, so it helps with giving clarity on her destiny. It shows a lot of sacrifices have been made to keep her alive by a great amount of people. There are two pages in particular that absolutely shows the duality that she is fighting, but also the regal Queen that she was born to be whatever the choice she makes. It was my favorite part of the comic. It was artistically laid out in a way that draws you in even more than you are already are!

With the way that this series is set up we get to experience both sides of Niobe. The series shows what she could be if she gives in to the evil side of herself. The story is intricately written with in-depth lore about Niobe herself, as well as those who came before her. It is vividly drawn and colored to compliment the uniqueness of the story. It is a story that has so many layers and characters to which any number of readers can identify with. The series has been running for quite some time now so you could almost say that we have watched this character grow up, which is not common in comics unless you are one of the “Big Three”. We get to learn about life and death and how to give or take either. We also get a chance to reflect on how Niobe has become a skilled fighter and how she has become acclimated with death at such a young age.

It makes you await the next twist or turn, the next piece of mythology and genealogy to unfold. The cliff hangers are well placed and set up to keep any reader hanging on and thus showing why this is an excellent series to be in the works for an HBO TV series. I, for one, am extremely excited to see how this series will unfold; will she choose Life or Death and if the TV show can remotely do the comic and its characters justice.


Amber T. Hubbard is a writer, journalist and creator of Kasiah: Mother Nature Incarnate a comic which is coming soon. She was also featured in Sheena Howard’s Encyclopedia of Comics, and has been writing since she was 12 years old.

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