Review: The Life and Death of Toyo Harada #2

Written by Andre Owens

April 24, 2019

Written by Joshua Oysart

Art by Cafu and Mico Suayan

Colors by Andrew Dalhouse

Letters by Dave Sharpe

Edited by David Menchel and Karl Bollers

Published by Valiant

The epic tale of the Psionically powered Toyo Harada continues in the second issue and begins to provide insights into the series central theme of peace through conflict, as undesired as it is.

Oysart’s script once again takes place over different time frames, jumping from 1949 to 70 years into the future. The issue begins where we see the young Harada assembling his first crew of devotees and learning to control his immense power in beautifully rendered scenes by Cafu and Guice. Again, we flash forward 70 years where we learn more about Harada and his current team of super-powered beings and their plans to combat the G8 alliance against them. The art superbly captures this dual narrative.

Issue two delves deeper into the state of the world with all allied nations armies sitting on the edge of Harada’s nation in Somalia. Although he is confidently dealing with those external challenges, he is being plotted against internally by the extra-dimensional being known as Angela Vessel. It is this being’s technology which has allowed the rise of Harada and his Nation, although she asks for a horrific price as payment. This is a wonderful read that truly asks profound questions, and even more daringly,
answers them. Don’t miss out.


Andre Owens is the creator of the comics Force Galaxia and The Bovine Leauge, as well as the screenwriter of the forthcoming Screen Gems, feature film, Reparations. He is a former Director of Photography who has been hiding out in Los Angeles for the past 22 years. His company website is at

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