‘Streets of Rage 4’ Gets DLC

April 8, 2021

After months and months of waiting, Streets of Rage 4 fans will finally get new DLC titled, Mr. X Nightmare for the popular co-op/ beat-em-up game. We wrote about the representation of black characters in the series in a previous Op-Ed article titled, Streets of Rage: Hunter’s Legacy, which you can check out here.

The DLC will feature new stages, game modes, and downloadable characters. From a summary from the game’s developer, Dotemu: A separate free update is arriving alongside the DLC on all platforms with additional content. Play as officer Estel Aguirre, one of Mr. X Nightmare’s three included fighters, as she goes off duty to join forces with the heroes of Streets of Rage 4 for the first time. Formerly appearing in the game as an intimidating, boss fight-style foe, Estel’s powerful slugs and spin kicks dish out serious damage to anyone foolish enough to get in her way. Mr. X Nightmare includes lively new original music from Tee Lopes, a composer and arranger previously featured in Sonic Mania, League of Legends, and Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom among other titles.

Check out the trailer below.

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