SUBSUME Media Launches Inclusive Speculative Fiction Library

July 22, 2020

Press Release

Atlanta based trans-media company launches with goal of telling quality stories for everyone

[Atlanta, GA, 7/22/20] Transmedia publisher, SUBSUME Media (, launches today, providing a host of speculative fiction titles to audiences worldwide. SUBSUME Media is a trans-media platform that focuses on community collaborative storytelling that brings cultural creativity to the intersection of art, the humanities and interactive technology. With a focus on speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, horror, and Afrofuturism), and S.T.E.M, the goal of SUBSUME Media is to provide quality stories and trans-media experiences for readers, students, and clients alike.

“We can’t keep sharecropping our dreams,” company co-founder Dedren Snead says. “We are taking the label independent and redefining the definition of it meaning “small” into meaning “free” as in free to do the things we are passionate about and we are embracing storytelling along with cultural cues and socially innovative ways to be of value now.”

Armadus #0. Script, Robert Jeffrey II. Pencils/ inks Matteo Illuminati

From comic books to virtual reality workshops, SUBSUME Media helps marginalized voices be heard and break out of their feast or famine mentality. They bring together people who are driven by passion and purpose to inspire one another and inspire change in neighborhoods and cities around the world.

“What separates SUBSUME Media from everyone else? Our passion and love of comics, film, and television,” Marco Lopez, co-founder explained. “Tell us we can’t do something, tell us we gotta wait, and we’ll go out there and prove you wrong and do it anyway. We’re not waiting for anyone to give us a chance. We’re taking it and riding every opportunity we create for ourselves and others to the top.”

As a part of their launch, SUBSUME Media has teamed with mobile app developer, Sciberus, to create a comic book series, set within the world of their augmented reality educational game, Armadus ( From the website, “Armadus is a new Augmented Reality (AR) educational game targeting grade levels 6-8. You play as a stranded engineer on a distant planet trying to find their way back home.” A Kickstarter will be launched later this year for pre-orders of the Armadus #0.

Soul Nebula: The Consulars #0. Pencils/ inks by Matteo Illuminati, colors by Loris Ravina

SUBSUME Media also provides a library of upcoming titles which focuses on community collaborative storytelling that brings cultural creativity to the intersection of art, the humanities. These titles include:

Poe/ Writer, Creator: Allison Chaney Whitmore, Artist: To be announced/ A skeptical young code breaker fights an Edgar-Allan-Poe-themed curse threatening to annihilate her family’s hometown in contemporary Long Island. (Coming Soon)

Monday Morning Blues/ Writer, Co-Creator: Marco Lopez, Artist, Co-Creator: Vincent Kukua/ Five military brats wake up one Monday morning to find they’re the only ones left on the base, while Lovecraftian creatures roam the streets. (Winter 2020)

Sorghum & Spear: The Series/ Co-writer: Sarah Macklin, Co-writer: Dedren Snead, Artist: To be announced/  An African fantasy saga of young girls called to serve their people in a time of war during their ages of innocence. (Coming soon)

Sorghum & Spear: The Antillean Islands/ Writer: Marco Lopez, Artist: Sean Damien Hill/ Anacaona is a princess who dreams of being a warrior. Loiza is a warrior who dreams of any other life but the one she was born into. Soon their worlds will collide when they fight back against generations of tradition. (Coming soon)

Soul Nebula: The Consulars/ Writer: Robert Jeffrey II, Artist: Matteo Illuminati, Colorist & Letterer: Loris Ravina/ In a universe ravaged by war, the crew of the Baiser-Espace seeks to right the hateful and racist wrongs of Earth’s past within the current fractured cosmic landscape. (Winter 2020)

Villians and Vinyl/ Writer, Co-creator: Greg Burnham, Writer, Co-creator: Dedren Snead, Artist: To be announced/ This futuristic, Sci Fi, Hip Hop Saga is a “coming of age” tale that follows Elaine and her crew of misfits as they navigate the streets of Atlanta (2040’s AD) while in search for the perfect sound, they end up finding something way more valuable, something that could change the world as they know it!! (Coming soon)

Atlanta based freelance writer Robert Jeffrey II (DC Comics New Talent Showcase 2018 #1, Route 3: Vol 1) will join the ranks of SUBSUME Media as its Lead Writer. In late quarter 2020 SUBSUME Media will also launch a prose fiction branch, featuring the upcoming works of such acclaimed writers as Kenesha Williams (EIC of Black Girl Magic Literary Magazine) and Milton Davis (Changa’s Safari, Meji, The City: A Cyberfunk Anthology).

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Dedren Snead: Dedren Snead is a creator, content producer, social entrepreneur, and geek cultural curator from Snow Hill, NC, residing in Atlanta. He is the founder of SUBSUME Media, a production studio whose hallmark is crafting Inclusive Entertainment in the mediums of comics, visual arts, gaming, and the Makerspace. As the creator of the fantasy comic series SORGHUM & SPEAR and TURNKEY, Dedren also expands his geek endeavors into animation, tabletop game design, e-sports accessibility campaigns and good old-fashioned toy collecting, as his wallet waits for its watch to come to an end. He is also the co-host of the NEW WAKANDA creator podcast with fellow guest @talynnkel available on Soundcloud. Devout Southerner, Polymath and Casual Time Lord. Follow along at @dedrensnead on IG and Facebook and @greenecocreate on Twitter.

Marco Lopez: Marco Lopez has worked on projects with Lion Forge comics for Nick Cannon and Ernie Reyes Jr. He then wrote a story for Zenescope Entertainment’s comic book horror anthology series Grimm Tales of Terror. Afterward, he co-created, put the initial team and talent together, and brought to Lion Forge, the graphic novel anthology Puerto Rico Strong. Which he also contributed a supernatural story. Puerto Rico Strong sold out of a first print run of 10,000 copies, went into a second printing and won (Marco and his fellow editors) an Eisner award, the comic book industry equivalent of the Oscars. He recently worked with Chido Comics to co-create and write the hit the Masked Republic Luchaverse comic book universe. A series of sci-fi and horror comics, starring famous Mexican wrestlers.

Allison Chaney Whitmore: Allison Chaney Whitmore is a screenwriter and comic book writer from Los Angeles, who loves to tell supernatural and fantasy stories with a hint of romance and mystery. She also loves a good period piece with a healthy dose of action and adventure as well as heartfelt coming-of-age stories. She has been recently attached to several projects that will be announced later this year. Allison holds a master’s in English education and a bachelor’s degree in English and writing. She has most recently been nominated for a Glyph Award in the Rising Star category.

Robert Jeffrey II: Robert Jeffrey II is an Atlanta based freelance writer who has worked for such clients as DC Comics, the Centers for Disease Control, and Nitto Tires. His credits include Radio Free Amerika, RET: CON, Changa, and The Jade Obelisk, Route 3: Vol 1, The Crossing, Mine To Avenge: The Book of Layla. He’s contributed to the Dark Universe: The Bright Empire and The Scribes of Nyota prose anthologies. He has also written for tabletop RPG game production companies as New Agenda Publishing, and Son of Oak. He was nominated for 10 Glyph Comic Awards in 2020 and is a graduate of the 2017 DC Comics New Talent Writers Workshop. You can reach him at

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