The Online Campaign Corner/ Armor-I #4

In our continuing goal of highlighting BlackSci-Fi and contributions by creators of color across the various creative spectrums, we here at are going to highlight some awesome Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and GoFund Me campaigns you might want to donate to. Check out the below campaign, and spread the word.

Armor-I #4


As a Junior at Hill High, 16 year old, Jason King thought his biggest problem was going to be fitting in at a new school. Little did he know he would be the focal point of a galactic war between two ancient alien empires.

Jason King Jr 

So far…Lord Novaden has sent Malgor’s ship to head to Earth in order to retrieve what is said to be the greatest weapon in the universe. Unfortunately, the weapon is the new friend of Jason King. As the bond between the weapon and Jason gets stronger the harder it is to retrieve it.

Head here for more information about the campaign.

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