The Online Campaign Corner/Nightfall- Part 2: A Cold Wind Blows

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Nightfall- Part 2: A Cold Wind Blows

From the website:

Image credit Constant Hustle Comics & Wingless Comics.


A Cold Wind Blows picks up right where NIGHTFALL pt.1 left off.  We find our heroes struggle to survive the turning wheels of OUROBOROS‘ schemes. Justice is beset by threats he knows all too well.  Avery and Jinx unravel a conspiracy with players at all levels of society. Lux runs for her life, with a past shrouded in mystery and an uncertain future. Where is the rogue in all this?  Kaliburn has yet to show his face, but all things occult are his business.  And as the skies darken, where will a certain water-wielding Elemental fit in?

Join the Icon- Avery the Astonishing, The Angel- Justice, The Rogue- Kaliburn, The Mercenary- Jinx, The Key-Lux, and The Elemental- Her, on this second chapter of NIGHTFALL.  The villains have all their pieces on the board and all our heroes can do is hope they survive the onslaught.  The worlds of Wingverse and the Noire State will never be the same after NIGHTFALL.

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