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Spirit’s Destiny Issue #3

From the website:

Who is Spirit? An eccentric sci-fi, superhero, mythical, and fantasy-driven story, Spirit’s Destiny Issue #3 is back with the outcome of her journey within the spirit realm. In Issue #1 you have saturated Destiny’s rebellious persona and learned her fate after sneaking out of her house. Then the next issue she embarks on a new obstacle where she is in the spirit realm and isn’t sure how to return home. Destiny is embarking on a new adventure where it will become an abnormal change.

“Will She Be Able To Evade Her Destiny…”

Destiny a rebellious teen learned her actions of sneaking out was the fate of her fatal consequence. Unaware that night would have changed her life for eternity. While in the spirit realm she will be in the fight for her life to escape a demon who wishes to trap her soul within the realm. With her biggest supporter at her side, Danielle took the biggest risk of entering the realm to save her precious Destiny. Is this going to be the end for Destiny and Danielle?

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