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VT Heroes: Deck-Building Fighting Card Game

From the website:


VT HEROES, is a fighting card game that is inspired by tokusatsu, sentai, and traditional arcade fighting games. What is tokusatsu and sentai? Think Power Rangers, and the like. The thing that makes VT HEROES visually stand out of the crowd is the fact that within the sentai and tokusatsu genre, it eliminates the idea of body standards by having some of the fighters as slender, or plus sized. You also see cool thing such as the assigned VT colors, Red, Green, and Black (mostly dominated by male figures) are female figures. The Pink one is usually associated with female characters, are now (in VT Heroes) associated with super muscular males!

Two players create their fighter using 3 Stat cards based on their Hero, Element, and Totem abilities. Once they do that they gather their 40 Action cards and battle in a rock-paper-scissors style fight using moves that fit within the 4 categories, Attack, Defense, Power, and Intelligence. VT HEROES is super easy to learn, but complex enough to keep fans of fighting games more than satisfied.

Head here for more information.

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