The Perfect Steampunk Sunglasses for Summer

June 12, 2018

You may not know it yet, but steampunk sunglasses and goggles are the one thing you need this sunny season. With summer seductively calling from only a short distance away, the preparations to the seasonal wardrobe are probably firmly underway. For each, the summer “essentials” will greatly differ. Some will seek light and flowing materials, sandals, with skin on show. Others of us who prefer the shade will seek creative ways to stay cool while still wearing layers of all black. Regardless of your style, however, there is one essential summer item which everyone can agree on – sunglasses. And steampunk styled sunglasses are worth everyone’s consideration.

If you are looking for something a little more unusual, special, or different when shopping for sunglasses, then steampunk is the style for you. Steampunk enthusiasts probably don’t need to be told how wonderful and all encompassing this look can be. But for those who aren’t familiar with the style, coined in 1980’s, steampunk originated as a subgenre of science fiction literature, set against a historical 19th century or Victorian background, with a focus on steam-powered technologies. The steampunk fashion style which emerged was a real-world reproduction of the aesthetic, which features modern takes on Victorian clothing combined with elements of anachronistic technologies.

Steampunk styled clothing and accessories are incredibly elegant and funky ways to express ones personality and unique style. A good steampunk styled accessory, such as a pair sunglasses, is an excellent addition to any look, not just steampunk….yes, even haute couture. The variety of different options of sunglasses within the steampunk range is surprisingly varied, so truly no matter what your preference is, this fashion choice should never be cast off.

Many styles of steampunk sunglasses tend to be a piece of artwork in themselves, so add a great feature piece to your overall outfit. Iconic looks, such as John Lennon’s round sunglasses, in a range of color tints, or Tony Stark’s distinctive rose tinted sunglasses, all fall under the steampunk sunglasses category. Round or square, the frames of steampunk styled eyewear capture the characteristics of many recognizable eras, from a classic “8-bit pixel” look to 1960’s styled “bling” encrusted sunglasses, from Victorian to Gothic, whether you prefer retro or futuristic, be you hipster or gamer, steampunk embraces it all.  The ever-growing and iconic steampunk look is a beautiful fashion trend to integrate into your style. And with rose tinted or blue lenses, there is a set of steampunk glasses to view the world the way you please this summer.

Joanna Davies is a design enthusiast, geek, anime and steampunk enthusiast, blogger and regular contributor to the Emfurn blog.  In addition to being an interior designer, Joanna is a fitness buff and freelance fitness instructor.

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