‘Vagrant Queen’ Release Date & New Trailer

February 15, 2020

SYFY is bringing a new sci-fi/ comic book adaptation to audiences titled Vagrant Queen. Published by Vault Comics, the space-opera action series will premiere on March 27th at 10 pm.

From Deadline, “The star-spanning adventure is produced by Blue Ice Pictures and features the work of an all-female team of writers and directors. Jem Garrard is the show’s creator and showrunner.”

“Vagrant Queen follows Elida (Adriyan Rae) from child queen to orphaned outcast as she scavenges the treacherous corners of the galaxy, always one step ahead of the Republic government that seeks to extinguish her bloodline. When her old friend Isaac (Tim Rozon) shows up claiming her mother, Xevelyn, is still alive, they head off with their new ally, Amae (Alex McGregor), to stage a rescue that will put the fugitive royal right back in the perilous heart of her former kingdom — and pit her against a deadly old rival, Commander Lazaro (Paul du Toit).”

Check out the trailer below.

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