RAE Funds 1st Kickstarter For Flagship Comic In 3 Hours!

August 12, 2020

Press Release

New York, NY – August 12, 2020, Independent Black-owned publisher Red Arcis Entertainment (RAE) launched their first Kickstarter for their flagship comic Okemus today. Quickly surpassing it’s funding goal of $3000 within the first hour. Company president and lead artist T.J. Sterling states the crowdfunding campaign funds will go towards the publishing, marketing and distribution of the 4th issue of the popular creator-owned series. The campaign also includes stretch goals for further issues as well as contributions to both The National Kidney Foundation and the Harlem Arts Alliance charities.

Okemus is a sci-fi, action, anime-inspired story that follows an orphaned teen named Cale, who unknowingly possesses a latent super-human ability. Four biomechanical warriors from a future Earth, known only as The Okemus Hunters are the villains of this story. Their mission? To steal his abilities. One part Terminator, one part Power Rangers, one part HULK, Okemus is all adventure as Cale’s destiny is the key to both worlds’ salvation.

Sterling is one of the few Black artists who has worked for both of the biggest comic book companies globally, Marvel Comics and DC Comics. After working on over 50 titles at “the Big Two” as a production artist on well-known characters such as Spider-Man, Avengers and a layout artist on Batman Giant Issue 5, in 2015, he decided to launch his own imprint Okemus under his own banner, RAE Comics.

TJ Sterling in his home studio.

“Growing up, I saw almost no representation of Black or people of color in the comics I read. I promised myself that when I created my own stories, the characters would reflect the world I know.” – T. J. Sterling

Okemus keeps that promise by delivering a diverse world of stunningly designed and developed characters.

The Kickstarter campaign will run through September 12. It will fund the print and the production costs of the Okemus issue #4 comic book, give everyone a chance to purchase previous issues in the series, fulfill all backer rewards, and cover the cost of shipping and handling. Stretch goals will include donations to both the National Kidney Foundation and the Harlem Black Arts Alliance, two charities that are important to Sterling and RAE’s mission.

Kickstarter Link to support: Okemus #4


RAE Comics was founded in 2015 by artist, writer, and creator, T.J. Sterling, to publish unique stories about under-represented characters. As well as to create innovative, popular, and rarely seen narratives about Black and POC characters. In addition to comics, RAE also sells art prints, t-shirts, and collectibles.


Email: raecomics@gmail.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/raecomics/?hl=en

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheOfficialT.J.Sterling

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RAEcomics

Website: www.raecomics.com

Kickstarter: Okemus- Issue Four

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