Afrofuturism Film “Boss” Premeires at Onyxcon 2018

August 26, 2018

Check out the Afrofutristic short film, Boss, which premiered at Atlanta’s Onyxcon 2018 convention on Friday, August 24th.

Summary: BOSS is a film short written, executive produced, and cast by Joseph R Wheeler III who stars as The BOSS. BOSS is the tale of a mystical Artist leader and his team of fellow creatives facing the challenge of symbolic disruption in forms of anti-progressive social media, political, and pop culture chaos. Directed and co-produced by Lamont Gant /Creative Genius Films.

Directed by Lamont Gant

Screenplay by Joseph R. Wheeler III

Produced by Lamont Gant / Joseph R. Wheeler III

Starring: Joseph R. Wheeler III, Darius Lomax Wright, Richard Tilford, Crystal Jasmin, Uny Que Carlyle, Erich Harvey, Michele Elliott, Rachel Sorensen, Shaun Camp, Lakeia Hodges, Isabella Keller, Warren Jones and Givanni Durr All music used by permission

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