Black & Highwaymen Getting The Big Screen Treatment

April 24, 2018

The Black Cinematic Universe is being built

Studio 8 is teaming up with the creative team of the Black  comic book series to adapt their critically acclaimed series into an interconnected film universe. Black focuses on a concept where only Black people have super abilities, and how the world reacts to them.

From THR: Black — also known as Black [AF] — debuted in 2016 from indie publisher Black Mask Studios and centers around a simple concept: Superpowers exist, but the only people who have them are black. The original series followed Kareem Jenkins, who discovered his powers after being shot by police. A subsequent graphic novel called Black [AF]: America’s Sweetheart focused on Eli Franklin, a young girl who works to become the world’s first superhero in an attempt to bring America closer together and bridge racial divides.

In conjunction with director Seith Mann (The Walking Dead, The Wire, Friday Night Lights), Black series creators Kwanza Osajyefo, Tim Smith 3, Jamal Igle and Khary Randolph are working to bring the series to the big screen.

Highwaymen is getting the big screen treatment

Highwaymen, a series created by Genius  creators/ writers Marc Bernardin and Adam Freeman, is reported to be getting a big screen treatment at New Line Cinema. DC Films has reportedly hired writers to adapt the 2007 limited series, which according to Dark Horizons, “followed a pair of elite deliverymen with a special knack for handling hazardous cargo, who are now both over the hill and separated by bad blood. The retired pair are then reluctantly called back into action”.


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