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Kasai: Homecoming #1

From the Kickstarter website:

Kasai is the second solo series of the SFC Comics line. SFC is world of super powered sports entertainment. These solo series are a chance to get to know the characters outside of the ring. 

The Story
Kasai returning home to Kyoto to find her estranged demi-God father has broken his promise to his sister, Mizuhame, the goddess of water, never to fight again. Though Kasai begs him to stop, he refuses and Mizuhame exacts her revenge by kidnapping him. Now, Kasai must face her own fears to rescue a father who once abandoned her.

When Marcel Dupree, editor and co-founder of Evoluzione Publishing and SFC Comics, approached me about writing Kasai, I was absolutely thrilled. I love mythology and action and though I’m not a pro-wrestling fan per se, I have a deep respect for their athletic skills. (Whoever tells you pro-wrestling isn’t real doesn’t know what they are talking about. It’s scripted, but every hit is real as are the injuries.) We talked about the world of the Super Fighting Championship and the mythos behind Kasai. It was clear that we had the makings of a complex character on our hands and I ran with it. But Kasai isn’t just about action and the ring, at its heart it is a father-daughter story. One that is fraught with resentment, trust issues, and love.

Please join us as we explore this world and journey with our characters into the unknown. I think you’ll like it and the lizards. Especially, the lizards.

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