Writers Discuss Black Panther

February 17, 2018

With the release of Black Panther, we here at wanted to share some thoughts on the film, and its reception by audiences.

Takeia Marie, Writer

The response to Black Panther has been such a huge part of my excitement for it. The solidarity around it has been the antithesis to what the movie industry has tried to sell us as the norm for years: black films don’t sell. A movie helmed by a black director with a majority black cast that has this level of response both publicly and in ticket sales, on a stage as big as Marvel’s, flies in the face of everything we’ve been told about black movies.

And I’m 1000% here for it.

To me the new Black Panther is a film that is way over due.  The movie is a film which will portray a black heritage that had been lost to all that were disconnected from Africa. Also it’s wonderful that they expanded on the Black Panther story line.

The Black Panther movie has a dual effect for me- as a lifelong comics fan it is obviously great to see another great character come to the screen but beyond that, as a creator and particular as a black creator who has devoted so much time. and energy to creating my own characters, it is beyond amazing to see just how much excitement there is from not only comic fans but the community in general. It shows that this should really just be the tip of the iceberg and that there are no more excuses- there is a market starving for positive black superheroes that should and must be catered to.

Inspiring on and off the screen, with the look and feel of the movie done by amazingly talented people of color. From the Hero’s Quest and Court intrigue, Panther is cosmic level, futuristic Shakespeare. Calling it a superhero movie is a mistake. This is the future that we need and deserve.


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