Changa and the Jade Obelisk #1 Sword & Soul Launches Kickstarter

January 20, 2020

Press Release

MVmedia LLC of Fayetteville, GA, a publisher specializing in science fiction and fantasy based on African/African Diaspora culture and traditions and 133art of Los Angeles, CA, a comic book publishing imprint that specializes in Black independent comic book creation and printing, have partnered to produce Changa and the Jade Obelisk #1, a Sword and Soul comic series based on the Changa Safari novel series written by Milton J. Davis.

The series tell the story of merchant/adventurer Changa Diop, the sorcerer Panya, and the mysterious swordsman The Tuareg as the trio sail along the East Coast of Africa with Changa’s crew aboard his ship, the Sendibada. From the Swahili merchant cities of Mombasa, to the secretive kingdoms of Madagascar they experience adventures beyond the imagination, while they pursue the malicious Bahati, dark sorcoress, and warden of the Jade Obelisk!

Changa is for fans of film/TV like Black Panther, Aladdin, Lord of the Rings, and the Witcher. Changa is a perfect series for fans of action/adventure and fantasy.

Jason Reeves owner of 133art, and Changa’s art director, has assembled a talented team to bring the first story of Changa’s adventures to life. Written by Robert Jeffrey II (Mine to Avenge, DC Comic’s 2017 New Talent Workshop Graduate), Illustrated by Matteo Illuminati (Mine to Avenge, Harpies: Arcadia), on Letters and Color Art, Loris Ravina (RET:CON, Mine to Avenge).

‘An art team like this and a story of this caliber is a match made in heaven for a comic nerd like me. It hits all the right notes diverse leads, atypical fantasy backdrops, and splendid visuals. Ya’ll know I love comics and a project like Changa is the reason why!’ –Jason Reeves/133art

‘Changa and the Jade Obelisk #1 is a dream project. I couldn’t have chosen a better partner than 133art to bring this Sword and Soul historical fantasy to life.’ -Milton J. Davis/MV Media

Changa and the Jade Obelisk #1 will be a 20-page, full color comic and after the Kickstarter campagin will be available for order in June, 2020.

You can find out more about the Changa Kickstarter here:

And if you would like more information about the project, pleast contact us at: or

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