Decimation Studios First Look: “Decimation Earth”

May 26, 2020

Charlotte, NC— May 17, 2020 —Decimation Studios announces the launch of its indie comic book series, Decimation Earth, a reimagining of the Cthulhu mythos that pits H.P. Lovecraft’s Eldritch Horrors against a diverse cast of covert spies and super-powered heroes.

“One of the distinguishing features of the art of Decimation Earth is the detail in the eyes. Not only are they drawn extremely well, but the eyes move you and make you feel both wonder and empathy for the characters,” said Rell, Blerd.Com

The series follows Gideon Morse (a disgraced covert agent and former super-soldier) as he joins with other heroes to prevent a fanatical cult-like cabal from awakening The Great Old Ones to turn them loose on an unsuspecting world. Thus begins a struggle to survive and defeat both a menagerie of terrifying reality-bending monsters and a circus of sadistic super-villains.

“I wanted to craft a story of a hero’s journey of redemption where a protagonist has to question both his reality and the frailty of his sanity. But I also wanted to create a character that wasn’t the stereotypical black hero that you see in mainstream comics today.”

– David Rucker, Creator.

Decimation Earth is available for immediate purchase at and is produced in association with Evolve Body Art.

Decimation Earth’s creative team includes:

David Rucker – Writer & Creator

Berry Newkirk – Co-Writer & Editor

Shawn Alleyne – Pen & Ink

Barringer Fox Wingard III – Paint & Design

Wolly McNair – Cover Artist Bernie Cooke – Cover Artist Johndell Snead – Artist & Colorist

Decimation Studios is a small indie comic book publisher based out of Charlotte, North Carolina founded by David Rucker and Berry Newkirk.

For more information, press only:
Berry Newkirk 216-926-394

For more information on Decimation Earth and Decimation Studios:

Instagram: @decimationearthix
Twitter: @DecimationE

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