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GIALLO GUMBO: አስፈሪ ትረካ

From the website:


What Is Giallo Gumbo?

In essence it is a letter to Hip-Hop and Neo Soul R & B music, Drive-In Grindhouse film genres like: horror, martial arts, film noir (detective stories), Blaxploitation/Hood Films, for the mature reader. Think if The Twilight Zone, Tales From The Hood, Paranoia Agent, and Cowboy Bebop plus of course Italian Cinema of ”Giallo” films are all thrown into a creative reciepe. This all is presented in the flare of street literature for the mature reader tutored by legendary writers like: Iceberg Slim, Chester Himes, and Donald Goines, with a little of Stephen King & Octavia Butler added as the cherries on top.

Set in backdrop of Dirty South contemporary but still an alternate reality of today, we follow Paavi Peyrou a young woman born of gullah geechee descent who lives in New Orleans but has adventures throughout Southeast (Atlanta, Miami, Sapelo Island,etc. and sometimes International exploits) as aspiring R&B singer who is torn between living her dream as a R&B diva and continuing run the family business as a paranormal Shamus. In pop culture the world knows her as beautiful angelic opera southern song bird. In the underground world of crime and the occult, she is known and feared as purple haired sugar skull painted occult detective whom goes by the pseudonym, Recherché.

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