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Malika Animated Series (Episode One/Pilot)

From the Kickstarter website:

My name is Roye Okupe, and I am the CEO of YouNeek Studios. Some of you may know me as the writer/creator/publisher of the award-winning graphic novel series Malika & E.X.O.However, today I’m here to talk to you about a different topic.

A little over three years ago I quit my full-time job to start YouNeek Studios. I did so because all my life I’ve wanted to create stories that are inspired by African history, culture and mythology. Until this point, I have fulfilled this goal successfully by publishing graphic novels.

My books have been successful due to an amazing group of fans that constantly support my projects. Everything I’ve created and achieved up to this point has led me to this moment. I know that it is now the time to move into the realm of animation!

Animation? Yes, you heard that right! YouNeek Studios has decided to officially move forward with production of the Malika: Warrior Queen animated pilot/episode one. It’s a 3D animated episode (7-minutes long) that I will be writing and directing. The amazing guys at Anthill (who did the animated teaser for our Kickstarter video) will be handling pre-production and production, and YouNeek Studios will take care of post-production.

Our goal is to start small by creating one 7-minute episode that can act as both a pilot and as the beginning of a series (episode one). We need to raise about $15,000 to cover the entire animation production costs. We understand that there will be some other costs (post-production, miscellaneous additional and unexpected costs etc.), but as a company, we are also going to be investing our time and money to handle those things.

The cool thing is that if we’re able to exceed our goal, we can do even more! So in theory, just with this Kickstarter, we can produce not only episode one but two, three, four or perhaps an ENTIRE season or movie! Basically, the more money we raise the more episodes we can produce! Check out the stretch goal section below for more info on this.

Head here for more information.

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