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In our continuing goal of highlighting BlackSci-Fi and contributions by creators of color across the various creative spectrums, we here at are going to highlight some awesome Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and GoFund Me campaigns you might want to donate to. Check out the below campaign, and spread the word.

Nia Caler

From the Kickstarter website:


Nia Caler was part of an experimental military program gone wrong. Now she must protect her love ones and ascertain the true reason for the disappearance of her father.

Unfortunately, just like Destiny (aka Spirit), Nia was also injected with the mysterious serum. Why was she used as a test subject? What are the effects of the serum?

The Nia Caler story is part of the Spirit’s Destiny Universe, wherein she plays a big role. She learns about her abnormal abilities and the gruesome past she once lived.

Writer Dorphise Jean has been developing Nia Caler for a couple of years now. They want a hero similar to their persona and appearance. They see a need for more comics with powerful black women as #RepesentationMatters. This series is based on a similar, true story inspired by the creator’s best friend, Christina.

Head here for more information.

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