2018 Black History Month Author Appreciation: C.C. Ekeke

For Black History Month 2018 we here at BlackSci-Fi.com want to celebrate a group of black speculative fiction authors who are killing the game with a wide variety of quality speculative fiction including science fiction, fantasy, steam funk, sword and soul, and horror. These are the men and women (from past and present) whose imaginations soar in creating some of the most creative speculative fiction content out there. If you’re looking for some good books to read, and a creative way to celebrate Black History Month, look no further.

Editors Note: We know there’s many more kick butt authors out there than 28, so please be happy to know we will focus on these authors throughout the coming year.

4. C.C Ekeke

From the author’s website:

“I’m a native of California by way of Georgia by way of Missouri. Sci-Fi and fantasy were godsends growing up, giving me an outlet for my nascent creativity as I was a socially awkward kid with no clue any other ‘black nerds’ existed.

My original career plan was to become a comic book artist. But much to my chagrin, my meager drawing talent definitely wasn’t good enough to become a professional comic artist at Marvel and DC. Thankfully, it was in college while studying for an advertising degree that I stumbled across a desire to write books.

I’m currently hard at work on the next Star Brigade novel, traveling the world as well as plotting future sci-fi and fantasy stories. For previews of new novels and giveaways, join the email list at: http://ccekeke.com/subscribe. Get news and updates: https://www.facebook.com/ccekeke/.”

You can find Ekeke’s library of titles here.

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