Review: Marassa #1

March 5, 2019

Written by: Greg Anderson Elysee

Art by: Antonello Consentino

Colors by: Francesco Montalbano

Letters by: Justin Birch

Edited by: Marcel Dupree

Published by: Evoluzione Publishing

After the previous success ofThe Gentleman, writer Greg Anderson Elysee teams up again with Evoluzione Publishing, this time for a sci-fi adventure comic featuring space pirates and bounty hunters on board for an epic space opera adventure with a distinct Caribbean flavored Afrofuturistic feel.

Billed as “An adventure that garners the attention of space pirates, bounty hunters, humanoid snake doctors, cosmic Vodou, and wood babies”, it goes without saying that Marassa is a trip right from the get-go. Right away we are introduced to an array of interesting characters, foremost of which is our lead, a swashbuckling “hero” named Sa- a charmingly thieving and troublemaking scamp who, all things considered, is easy to imagine might be a distant descendant of Jack Sparrow gone to ply his pirating trade in the stars

Providing a wonderful compliment to Elysee’s story, Consentino’s art is fantastic with an exciting cartoony style. Montalbano’s colors add to the mix, bringing life to the book and setting the mood with an evocative palette and balance between light and dark scenes. Justin Birch’s letters live up to Evoluzione’s typical lofty standards in putting a book into reader’s hands that is top notch at every level. All in all, this is a great book that is well worth checking out!


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