Review: Marassa #2

Written by Andre Owens

July 31, 2019

Created and Story by Greg Anderson-Elysee

Art by Antonello Cosentino

Colors b: Francesco Montalbano

Letters by Justin Birch

Edited by Marcel Dupree

Published by Evoluzione Publishing

Marassa #2 is an interesting and well-developed space opera and is a terrific follow-up to Issue #1 as it keeps the reader wanting more from this wonderful tale of space pirates. There is such a wide range of alien and humanoid characters throughout that it shames mainstream comics. This is a truly diverse Sci-Fi endeavor.

The story that unfolds is fun and full of action as it follows three different female protagonists: Luna, Mara, and Madam Shelly. We are introduced to all three in individual vignettes that showcase their unique personality or ability. Luna and Mara appear to be warriors, each on a quest. Madam Shelly is a medium who has her own exclusive storyline involving a fantastic underwater scene.

The script by Anderson-Elysee is tight and cinematic. There are large parts of this issue that are told without any dialogue, the only action, and they are well done. Which brings me to the art of Consentino. It is good, it flows, and it’s perfect (Evoluzione does a fantastic job of finding the right artist for the right project) for the story, the character designs, in particular, are outstanding.

One personal quibble. There is an overuse of an expletive that glares out in what would otherwise be a fine all-ages type book, which I really don’t believe is necessary to tell the tale. But overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this issue and anticipate seeing how this space epic plays out.


Andre Owens is the creator of the comics Force Galaxia and The Bovine Leauge, as well as the screenwriter of the forthcoming Screen Gems, feature film Reparations. He is a former Director of Photography who has been hiding out in Los Angeles for the past 22 years. His company website is at

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