Review: Nowhere Man, Vol. 3: Jack, Forget Me Not

Written by Amber T. Hubbard

February 6, 2019

Writer: Jerome S. Walford

Artist: Jerome S. Walford

Publisher: Forward Comix

Rating: 12+ Only

Jerome Walford is not new to making comics and he proves that yet again with his comic, Nowhere Man, Vol. 3: Jack, Forget Me Not. This book is as action packed and futuristic as something you would see on Netflix. Though I’m new to this creator and his comics, this volume has me quite interested in just where story lead Detective Jack McGuire has come from and is going.

In this volume Jack is trying to figure out who poses a new threat to him and his city. His nemesis is a high-tech villain that seems to be from the future and knows just who Jack is and what he can do. Jack has technology that grants him abilities such as phasing, EMP blasts, and force field shields. He handles this tech well for the most part but seems to be constantly learning more about it.

Jack (who is on the run) has a former partner, Rose Yancey who is determined to find him, but she may even be protecting him from his former police precinct that wants to take him down. Jack has lost some people and things that are close to him due to the tech that he acquired from a pretty huge event that takes place in previous issues. He is quick witted, smart and intuitive, living up to the name Nowhere Man, as those looking for him seem to have a pretty difficult time tracking him.

Nowhere Man, Vol. 3: Jack, Forget Me Not has enough action and adventure to get readers involved in the story, but still enough mystery to make us want more. The number of pages in the comic allows the story to really be developed and explain mostly what is going on as well as introducing key characters. I felt a little out of the loop when it came to the character Caris though because I believe that she was a child that Jack had previously known who has since grown up, with the added caveat of him knowing her from another time period.

The story even pulls at the heartstrings because of the family tone that it has. These characters are working out problems and are dealing with past issues. This makes me think of what the underlying motivation for all humans are, no matter the time period or circumstance. Jack feels like the type of character who has values and nobility that can be rare, but also the courage to back it up and defend what he believes in.

I am however very interested to see what will happen with Jack and his former partner Rose because their relationship seems complicated, and from my perspective ever changing. Rose also has a unique story all her own, and the connection that she and Jack possess is definitely something that I would be interested in following. The major threat of the story has yet to be revealed but very well may be something extremely catastrophic, and I believe that both Rose and Jack will play a pivotal part in it.

This comic is well thought out and executed while keeping current readers on their toes and drawing new readers in for multiple reasons from the illustration to endless story possibilities. Nowhere Man, Vol. 3: Jack, Forget Me Not kept me interested enough to go back and read the story from the beginning in previous volumes, and I believe that most readers will too. It is quality content like this that allows independent creators to thrive and continue building up a following that it needs and give us something that we can all relate to and be apart of.


Amber T. Hubbard is a writer, journalist and creator of Kasiah: Mother Nature Incarnate a comic which is coming soon. She was also featured in Sheena Howard’s Encyclopedia of Comics, and has been writing since she was 12 years old.

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