Review/ The Chronicles of Lennox: Book II the Overseer – Deception

Written by Judith Swanson

January 15, 2019

Editor’s Note: Check out our review of the first installment in the series, The Chronicles Of Lennox: Book I In Search Of The Overseer here.

We have waited for this follow up (The Chronicles of Lennox: Book II the Overseer – Deception) in the Chronicles series from N.R Wolfe with bated breath, and boy was it worth the wait. When last we left the story, the body of our hero had mysteriously disappeared from her would be final resting place. Now off we go on another action and suspense-filled search, motivated by none other than Lennox. Can Jax and Gat’lin, put their differences aside for the common goal to find what really happened to the body of their beloved Lennox? Who would have done such a foul thing as stealing her from peace?

The questions that are raised within this installment of the Chronicles saga keeps piling up. Yet they are answered in a form that highly compliments the series and elevates the quality of this particular authors’ writing style. This story keeps you captivated and wanting more answers. With a bit more insight on who The Overseer actually is and his motivation as well as the game he likes to play, the title of this particular part of the novel is called Deception with great reason. The imagery of the twists and turns twist within this story makes it worth picking up this second installment of the Chronicles series.

I would highly recommend purchasing this book and continuing your adventure with the Chronicles of Lennox universe. There is a noticeable leveling up within Wolfe’s writing style, which enhances the story.

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