Robert Garrett: In Memoriam

May 10, 2019

We here at want to share our condolences to the family and friends of esteemed comic book creator/ writer, Robert Garrett (Galtow, Inheritors, Tool-Boi, Hero Born). The writer/ co-creator of the Glyph Comics Award-winning comic book series, Ajala: A Series of Adventures, and co-publisher of Xmoor Studios, recently passed away. We wanted to let Mr. Garrett’s fellow comic book creators, industry professionals, and friends share their thoughts about this talented individual.

Robert Garrett by Tim Fielder.

Tim Fielder/ Glyph Comics Award-nominated creator of Matty’s Rocket, Owner of Dieselfunk Studios

Consummate Professional.  Always Creating.  Always Writing  Always Positive. Robert Garrett to a ’T”.

Ajala: A Series of Adventures

Joseph Phillip Illidge/ Editorial Director for A Wave Blue World. Formerly of DC/BATMAN, Valiant, Milestone, Lion Forge

When we talk about prolific writers in comics, too often we refer to “superstars”, and not the struggling warriors outside of the easy view.

Robert Garrett was one of the most prolific writers I’ve ever known. He was always writing, coming up with new ideas, and finding the right creative partners to bring those ideas to the world.

A consistent voice in the comic book industry, Robert proved that excuses were not part of his artistic diet, and that he viewed his ideas to have equal, if not greater, importance than decades-old iconic characters owned by corporations.

As a fixture in the independent Black Comics Movement, Robert supported other creators with his words, time, and money. He attended many conventions every year, and every year had something new in print to offer fans old and new.

Robert Garrett was a passionate Black man with a mind as fertile as the land of his ancestors, and while the tragedy of his death is and will always be real, the gift of his library of books, his diversity of ideas, and his message to us to create, produce, distribute, and then do it all again, at all costs, is just as real, and truly inspiring.

Robert Garrett by John Jennings.

N. Steven Harris/ Artist and Co-Creator of Ajala: A Series of Adventures, Eisner nominated and Multi Glyph Comics Award Winner. Xmoor Studios, Marvel, DC, Dynamite, New Paradigm Studios

He was the best collaborator anyone could ask for.  He wrote great stories, with real sounding people, which, I think is hard to pull off. I truly loved his scripts.

Some of Robert Garrett’s works. Clockwise from the top left: Ajala, Galtow, and The Inheritors.

George Carmona/ Contributor, DC Super Friends Joke Book (DC Super Friends)

I’d known Rob Garrett for a while, first as a fan of his books, then just hanging out at the various con after parties. We’d always chat it up at cons until someone came by to check his stuff out. I’d slide out so he could handle business and that’s the thing.

With all the bad personal events and health issues, in an industry that is often very jacked up, he kept grinding, showing ups a con just days after getting out of the hospital. He was about that business and that love of creating comics.

Robert Garrett

Rob Taylor/ Artist For Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Valiant Comics

I met Rob Garrett, about 20 years ago. We met through a mutual friend when I was living in Jersey City. Since then Rob and I became close friends and we always looked to each other to build up far as doing our work in comics and writing and everything else in between.

As a lot of people knew, Rob was really funny with jokes and stuff and always humble. I lost a really good friend and I’m really going to miss him.

Alex Simmons/ Comic book writer, DC Comics, Archie Comics

Rob Garrett… Always an idea. Always a goal. Always a smile. This is the man I knew. This is how I will remember him.

Gregory Anderson-Elysee/ Comic book writer, Is’nana: The Were- Spider, Marassa, The Gentleman

When I was just getting into Black independent comics, Robert Garrett was one of the first Black indie creators I met and one of the first whose work I started supporting and enjoying. He was always very welcoming and friendly and when I got into the biz myself, it was fun being a peer with him. No matter what book he released, I copped.

And he himself was always there to support in return. Even when he wasn’t vending at a convention, he’d randomly show up to show love and support. Like last weekend, I literally just seen him at a small comic fest with smiles and jokes and he seem very chill and happy. This was just a few days ago. Definitely going to miss him. It’s going to be strange not seeing him at NYC comic shows.

His appearance was like that one fighting game character who was in every variation of the franchise, no matter what changes. He was a beloved man and I’ll miss him.

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