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Xmoor Reborn: Galtow Vol. 1 Trade Paperback

From the website:

“Xmoor Studios was created by the Late and Great Robert Garrett. His flagship series, Galtow was, and always will be his baby. Robert was my good friend, my brother from another mother; I am humbled and honored to be entrusted with the task of Relaunching the Xmoor Brand by his daughter, the new President and CEO of Xmoor Studios, Niya Garrett. Niya and I know first hand how important Xmoor Studios was to him, as well as to his fans; after his passing last year, we couldn’t let the studio go to the wayside, his work is far too important to not be seen. So here we are, doing a Kickstarter we’d never expect we’d do, but are so proud of the work that has been going into it. Our overall goal is reprint all of his lines of books; first and foremost- GALTOW. Galtow was one of Robert’s most beloved books. It was his first comic book series; and he was extremely proud of it as he was protective of it. The story is inventive, thought provoking and best described in his own words:

A storm is coming . . .
The Great Houses have been at war for control of what once was the powerful United States of America.
LADY JIYA has emerged from the shadows..Trained by the greatest fighter mankind has ever known; Jiya has arrived in New York, the capital of the Clan House’s seats of power….And she has brought with her retribution.
KEYLON JAKES a Warrior who has taken his seat as leader of the Samurai; battling against what tomorrow might bring. All he wanted was to champion the legacy of the GALTOWS…Wanted to bring justice to the people…In the atmosphere of battle, he has lost his innocence.
The LADY CAFA has never known sanity. A life of blood, chaos and denial of humanity… She has sought to drag the world down to the depths of her depraved homicidal instincts. The Yakuza Clan has never had such a weapon…But there is a matter of who can hold her leash?
WU REYMOS… How do you live the life of a hero? Betray everything that your House has set in motion? And lose part of your humanity?… If you’re Wu… you do everything …Spectacular….
An epic war for the very soul of the world—and they are standing squarely in its path.

The first story arc of this dynamic series was compiled into 4 acts several years ago and was one Xmoor’s most popular properties. After being out of print for awhile, Robert had intended on re-releasing it last year; wanting to introduce the book to new audiences as well as provide an update to long standing fans about the progress of the new story arc he had started working on. With this Kickstarter, we’ll be able to bring his hopes to fruition by not only reprinting the book, but maintaining his life’s work and legacy. “

Head here for more information.

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