2018 Black History Month Author Appreciation: Milton Davis

For Black History Month 2018 we here at BlackSci-Fi.com want to celebrate a group of black speculative fiction authors who are killing the game with a wide variety of quality speculative fiction including science fiction, fantasy, steam funk, sword and soul, and horror. These are the men and women (from past and present) whose imaginations soar in creating some of the most creative speculative fiction content out there. If you’re looking for some good books to read, and a creative way to celebrate Black History Month, look no further.

Editors Note:  We know there’s many more kick butt authors out there than 28, so please be happy to know we will focus on these authors throughout the coming year.

2. Milton Davis

From the author’s Amazon page: “In 2005 Milton Davis decided to gather hundred of pages of unfinished manuscripts and pursue a lifelong dream of completing a novel. He fulfilled that dream in 2008 with the release of Meji Book One through his own company, MVmedia. Since that time Milton had released four more novels; Meji Book Two, Changa’s Safari, Changa’s Safari Volume Two and A Debt To Pay. Each book had been well received by sword and sorcery fans throughout the world. Milton Davis has also been credited in leading the revival of Sword and Soul, a heroic fiction subgenre created by Charles R.Saunders, author of Imaro and Dossouye. Milton and Charles Saunders combined talents to release Griots: A Sword and Soul Anthology, in 2011 to excellent reviews.

Milton currently resides in the Metro Atlanta with his wife and children. He continues to work as a chemist while finally enjoying his passion for writing.”

Davis was recently nominated for the British Science Fiction Award (BSFA)for his steam funk short story, “The Swarm”, which appeared in “Steampunk Writers Around The World – Volume I”. Click here to read our interview with the author and click here for a review on “From Here to Timbuktu”.


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