Black Panther Is THE Best To Come Out Of The MCU, Ever

January 30, 2018

It’s not like we’re surprised –because we’ve been aware of that thing called “Black Excellence” for a while now.  With that said, check out these reviews from the Twitterverse after the Black Panther screening in Hollywood last night!

If that doesn’t get you hyped for this film, there’s no way you’re human. Black Panther hits theatres on 2/15 and will be hosting our SOLD OUT  Black Panther screening event on Saturday, February 17 in Philly followed by Vibranium Nights, a special panel discussion and afterparty at Amalgam Comics and Coffee House featuring celebrity panelists journalist Marc Lamont Hill (CNN, BET), actress Christina Jackson (Boardwalk Empire), actor Dorian Missick( Southland, Haven, Animal Kingdome),and comic illustrator Eric Battle (Marvel, DC).  If you have your tickets, we’ll see you there!

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