Featured Guests of Blacktasticon 2018: Mshindo Kuumba

May 27, 2018

In our continuing coverage of the upcoming Blacktasticon convention to be held in Atlanta, GA on June 16 – 17, 2018 at the Ferst Student Center, Georgia Tech, we’re highlighting the guests that will be on hand for the event. Profiles for these individuals will be posted throughout the upcoming weeks on BlackSci-Fi.com so stay tuned. Head here for more information about the convention.

Mshindo Kuumba 

Mshindo Kuumba is a critically acclaimed artist mostly well known for his enduring attention to detail vibrant color palette, and “Africo-Futurist” look to his work.

“Africa being so instrumental in civilizing the world, I found it peculiar that a strong positive image of Africans was largely absent from contemporary media. In my youth I recognized this and wanted to build a career addressing the discrepancy.”

Currently Mshindo is working with his BlackOps co-Operative Uraeus (who is the creator of Black heroes Matter movement in comics consciousness ) to create themes and narratives that to nourish the disenfranchised like Jaycen Wise, Indigo the High Fashion Assasin, and Brains Brown The Worlds Greatest Detective. Anikulapo, written and illustrated by Mshindo will be published and crowd funded in Febuary in addition to The Dynasty of the Magi, a 45 zone MMO coming to I-tunes in 2018 from Poet Code, a startup helmed by Derrick Garvin.

Art credits Mshindo Kuumba.


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